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cho bà nội’ (for my grandma) By: Julia Vu

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Julia Vu is a 16-year old student from the Bay Area. As a dreamer with an imagination more overactive than most, she has always used writing as a way to temporarily escape from reality, to just delve deep into this alternate universe, and to bring the world that exists only in her imagination to life. Having struggled with mental illness in the past, Julia is a passionate mental health advocate and founded an international advocacy organization called Operation Dopamine in 2020. She enjoys spreading mental health awareness through her writing. “cho bà nội” (or “for my grandmama” in Vietnamese) is an epistolary memorial for her past grandmother.

Hushes By: Aura

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“Hushes is about the imaginary handcuffs and restraint we have because of what we’re told to do. It’s about the freedom some of us aren’t allowed to feel and express because what world we live in”

My Wonderful Neverending Land By: Sedona Jade

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“My piece is about the things that happen in your mind. There’s a lot of symbolism and I add a lot of details that’s associated with Wonderland and Neverland to represent different things.”

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By: Sofia

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